What is the essence/origin of simplicity? 1) To have enough time, energy, and attention to stay in touch with “God’s will” and to maintain/preserve a certain state of mind to maintain awareness – a focused awareness – of my own needs and the needs of others – to live life at a certain speed – a slow speed that allows this awareness – a mindfulness  2) The theology of simplicity – staying in touch with “God’s will”?  Simplicity, for me, is a matter of focus and attention. Trying to maintain a steady state of mind. Trying to avoid conflict and upset. Related to mindfulness – an awareness of what I’m doing and, without too much analysis, awareness of what the upset is, where it’s coming from, and my role I it – and my response to it. Trying to maintain a steady pace and not getting in a hurry. Avoiding complexity. Avoiding too many involvements or events. Maintaining awareness for my benefit and that of others.